Boiling Frog Syndrom: Reagieren, bevor es zu spät ist (Beispiel Taiwan)

  • Ein Beitrag der Taiwan News (in Englisch): Why are Chinese drones circling Taiwan?
    Zwei Abschnitte daraus:
    [Since August 2022, the PLA Air Force (PLAAF) and Navy (PLAN) have incrementally increased the number of fighter aircraft and naval ships operating around Taiwan. These ships and aircraft are crossing red lines that both Taiwan and China observed until recently. But no political or military leader in Taiwan and no ally expressed alarm. In the PLA’s actions against Taiwan, we are witnessing the slow cooking frog fable.]
    [Unless Taiwan shoots down the next drone that passes into Taiwan’s territorial waters, Taiwan will not deter China. Deterrence only works when a country or a group of countries clearly communicates its red lines to the aggressor and has the capacity and capability to act. Remember: China follows Vladimir Lenin’s dictum: “You probe with bayonets: if you find mush, you push. If you find steel, you withdraw.”]
  • Ebenfalls ein Beitrag der Taiwan News (in Englisch) aus dem Jahr 2019, wie China die gleiche Taktik in Hongkong angewandt hat: Hong Kong extradition bill an example of China’s ‚boiling frog‘ tactics, Taiwan must beware
  • Beispiele der Beschreibung des „Boiling Frog Syndrom“, einmal in Englisch, einmal in Deutsch, und einmal aus Sicht der „Schönstätter“.